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Studied version : 4.0.8 Website : http://www.horde.org Distributed by : community Licenses : GPL ; LGPL Technology : PHP

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition is a professional, collaborative messaging solution. It is fully modulable groupware (collaborative software).

It allows users to read, exchange and organise their emails, and to organise and share their calendars, contacts and tasks. More than a mere aggregate of technical bricks, Horde is an ergonomic bundle of applications like INgo, Turba, IMP and Mnemo, whose ergonomics make it a key, reliable collaborative messaging tool.

Horde is distributed under the GPL.

It is written in PHP


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Ohloh users rating 3.83 (24 votes)
lines of code 1140719 lines
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Programming Languages PHP, XML, JavaScript, 15 Other
Tags imap maildrop subversion kolab plesk version-control mobile php xmlrpc procmail pop notes syncml tracking webmail request contacts filemanager xml-rpc sieve imsp freebusy sql webdav ajax soap helpdesk cvs ticket email password spam ldap web time filter collaboration pda forwards framework repository horde bug synchronisation calendar vacation vfs scheduling
Download url http://www.horde.org/download/
Ohloh page https://www.openhub.net/p/horde