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Drupal is a multi-faceted CMS. Originally designed as a collective blog, it has a wide variety of possible applications today: from the corporate website to the community portal, Drupal does it all! It was designed in the 2000s by Dries Buytaert and has enjoyed worldwide success ever since. An enormous community has formed around the product.

The main strength of this CMS lies in its expandability. It can easily host numerous complementary modules (forums, photo galleries, polls, forms, newsletters, messaging, chats, surveys, online payments, shared calendars and more). In particular, it has well designed, highly appreciated modules developed by the community, that make it particularly well suited to corporate social networks. Version 7 has won over a multitude of large companies and the product is now considered to be more complete and better balanced. Version 8 is scheduled for release in 2014. It will be built in part on the French framework, Symfony. As far as improvments are concerned, contributions are focused on the 6 following initiatives:

  • Configuration Management
  • Mobile
  • Blocks++
  • Multilingual
  • Views module in core
  • Web Services

Drupal is published under the GNU GPL and is 100% open source. Support is available from Acquia (www.acquia.com).
Technically speaking, Drupal is built around LAMP technologies (PHP and MySQL in particular).

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FR Christophe DUHAMEL
Rate this solution the 14/03/2016

“ Le plus gros problème de Drupal : la qualité de son socle technique. Des failles de sécurités et alertes de sécurités tous les jours. Et le pire : si vous voulez mettre à jour d'une version majeur vers une autre (de 7 à 8 par exemple), il va vous falloir être courageux et refaire votre site de zéro ! ”

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EN Toto Toto
Rate this solution the 09/12/2014

“ Drupal is a really great System, which should be consider more as Framework to develop (CMF) custom client's enterprise features than just a ready-to-use CMS. Specific features could be develop simply using Entity functionality, with Views ans Rules, where tones of code should be written in Wordpress or Joomla for the same features. Admin User Interface is great and highly customisable. It's a secure system, compare to other famous ones. ”

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Rate this solution the 25/04/2014

“ J'utilise Drupal depuis 2012, d'abord drupal 6 avec la distribution commons, aujourd'hui la 7. Quel que soit le projet, Drupal s'adapte et se révèle souple en cas de changements. Mise en oeuvre simple, paramétrages parfois plus complexes selon le projet mais le résultat est toujours au rendez-vous. Etonnant que sa notoriété ne dépasse pas celle de WordPress ! ”

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