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GLPI is an IT inventory and helpdesk tool launched in 2003 and driven by Julien Dombre, Jean-Mathieu Doléans and Bazile Lebeau.

It provides for:

  • hardware management, including associated contracts: computers (with automated information feeds if combined with OCS-NG or Fusion Inventory), devices, printers, network components and consumables;
  • support functions: with or without user access, detailed user rights management, automated notifications with personalisable templates, and SLAs;
  • substantial expandability thanks to its plug-ins: integration with supervision software, project management, new inventory items, etc.

GLPI is distributed under the GPL.

GLPI is based on PHP/MySQL technologies.


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EN Tibor Stefan
Rate this solution the 15/03/2017

“ Hi! GLPI is the best inventory tool ever. We running it in a Synology-server as a package, but after the last update at creating/changing records you have to logoff and logon again after Save. Maybe it will be corrected at next time upgrade? Brg T.Stefan/SysAdmin. (tibor.stefan@lechner.se) ”

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EN Zakir Hosen
Rate this solution the 06/06/2016

“ This is an amazing inventory management solution. we used it for one of our ecommerce project and having really good feadback and functionality from our www.bdshop.com team members. ”

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FR Olivier Perron
Rate this solution the 15/09/2014

“ Difficulté d'installation, de paramétrisation et surout impossibilité d'avoir un rapportrécapitulatif du parc informatique pour un département ou pour une personne. Il faut extraire autant de liste que de type matérial. L'intégration LDAP n'est pas optimum: certains utilisateurs AD ne sont jamais repris. ”

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