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Studied version : 1.1.1 Website : http://www.openca.org - Google Pagerank : 5 Distributed by : community Licence : License2 Technology : Perl Year of creation : 2001

OpenCA PKI is a component of a vast community project aiming to define standards for the development of PKI software. OpenCA PKI is the part dedicated to certificate management.

With its modular design, it provides a web interface that can easily perform the majority of common tasks (certificate issuing and revocation, testing, etc.). It can also perform rights restrictions. Combined with the other components of the PKI project, like the OCSP responder, it contributes to the establishment of a complete PKI solution.
OpenCA PKI is currently covered by the BSD License. The 100% community based development was initiated in 2001 and continues to be actively pursued today.
The solution is very heterogeneous but uses recognised current standards: the web server is based on Apache 2 and the interface is written in Perl. Its encryption mechanisms are based on OpenSSL. Finally, certificate management is handled by OpenLDAP.


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