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Jedox, a German company founded in 2002 publishes the Jedox Business Intelligence Suite which is available in Jedox Base and Jedox Premium editions.

The Base edition includes the MOLAP server which will handle the multidimensional databases organised in cubes and dimensions (under Open Source Licence) and an Excel-addin supporting read/write access inside the cubes (freeware).

The Premium edition includes additional modules such as a web based spreadsheet engine which offers all of the main Excel features (formulas, graphs, macros) and allows fo online entry and access of the data on the OLAP server. Also available in this edition are an ETL tool used to integrate Jedox inside an existing information system and extract data from operational databases in order to feed data into the Jedox databases, an event catcher (Supervision server) that can trigger events on certain user actions, an SAP connector and a mobile platform.

The key strengths of the Jedox suite are its simplicity for functional users, thanks to its Excel interface, as well as its dynamic nature: data are modified in real time, users can switch from a consolidated data view to a detailed view in just one click, and they can also enter data directly using the Excel interface. These features added to a highly flexible model, makes of Jedox Suite a great tool to create budget and simulation applications.

Jedox was previously known as Palo.


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