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Studied version : 7.1.1 Website : http://www.zarafa.com Distributed by : Enterprise (Zarafa) Licence : AGPL Technology : PHP Year of creation : 2007

Zarafa's collaborative messaging software natively supports the MAPI protocol. It was originally developed in the Netherlands.

Its webmail (which uses Ajax and is fully accessible online) and its direct interfacing with Outlook make it the functional open source alternative that is most similar to Microsoft Exchange. Since 2007, the engine for Zarafa’s enterprise edition has embedded the Z-Push open source solution, providing nearly complete compatibility with all ActiveSync smartphones and Pocket PCs on the market.

Zarafa is distributed under the Affero GPL v3.

Its data are stored in a MySQL database. The webmail is based on Ajax with PHP processing (with the MAPI PHP extension).

In 2012, Zarafa performed a great deal of work on its interfaces' design and now offers a new, more ergonomic administrative platform. The enhancements and optimisations performed on the internal structure of its components have solidified this solution's internal mechanisms, in line with the market's needs.


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