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Elasticsearch is a distributed search engine based on Lucene.

Elasticsearch was created by Shay Banon, the originator of the Compass project, as a replacement for the latter.

Elasticsearch is similar to Solr, both functionally (search server) and technologically (lower layer handled by Lucene).
It differs however from Solr in its heavily distributed approach, which makes it better suited to handle big data issues, even if Solr 4.0 has made up lost ground in this area thanks to its SolrCloud functionalities.

Elasticsearch is available under the Apache 2 License.


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Rate this solution the 15/09/2014

“ Excellent serveur de moteur de recherche basé sur Lucene. ”

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FR Grégory BECUE
Rate this solution the 12/06/2014

“ Excellent produit qui apporte un souffle nouveau au monde du search. ”

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