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Studied version : 9.2.1 Website : http://www.postgresql.org - Google Pagerank : 8 Distributed by : community Licence : Other open source license Technology : C/C++ Environments : Linux; Windows; Mac OSX; Year of creation : 1995

PostgreSQL is the most complete open source RDBMS available today. PostgreSQL is a follow-up to Ingres. The project was launched by Michael Stonebraker in 1985 and the first version built using the current architecture was released in 1995.

The functional scope of PostgreSQL is vast and comparable to other Enterprise databases on the market. It supports stored procedures, triggers, custom functions, function indexes, transactions, custom rules to modify the query execution path, a wide variety of data types, legacy tables, full text searches, synchronous and asynchronous replication and more. Its performance and stability allow it to be integrated with even the most demanding production platforms.
PostgreSQL uses the PostgreSQL License, approved by the Open Source Initiative.
PostgreSQL is written in C and can run on a very large number of platforms, whether UNIX (Linux, Solaris, BSD, etc.) or Windows based.


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FR Ludovic Martin
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FR Abdallah SAIDI
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FR driss choukri
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“ Bonjour, J'ai effectué des tests de monte en charge en 2007 dans le cadre de mes fonctions d'architecte technique. la montée en charge est excellente avec 50 millions de lignes dans une table principale. il faudra refaire les tests similaires TPC-C par exemple. Bien à vous ”

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