OpenERP becomes Odoo!

Odoo logo

The maker of the ERP software is diversifying its business, and so changing its name and the name of its flagship solution.

Because OpenERP is opening up to new sectors like web content management and e-commerce, the vendor has traded in its ERP-centric name for a more general one.

The short and snappy “Odoo” has the advantage of being easy to combine with the specific product names in each sector, to create solutions like Odoo CMS, Odoo Commerce and so on.

Further, on the blog for the new corporate website, OpenERP founder Fabien Pinckaers has announced that, according to an internal study, there is a perceived correlation between a company’s value and the number of o’s contained in its name.

He also explained that Odoo will remain faithful to the open source positioning of OpenERP.

Odoo (formerly OpenERP) also raised 10 million dollars.

Learn more about Odoo.


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