Zend Announces Z-Ray for Magento

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Zend announces the porting of its PHP development solution integrated with Magento’s e-commerce platform.

Z-Ray, the tool

Z-Ray is an advanced tool for PHP developers, a tool bar that displays the hidden details of a page request (in other words, it shows what is happening under the bonnet), using all the PHP scripts involved in building the page. Z-Ray is injected into the response from the developed PHP application and displayed directly in the development browser. The tool provides a broader view of the situation, without changing the workflow. Z-Ray is not a plug-in, so it is completely independent of the browser. With Z-Ray, developers can immediately see the impact of changes to their code, allowing them to both improve development quality and resolve problems well before the code goes live.

Z-Ray for Magento

On 4 February last, Z-Ray’s vendor Zend announced the immediate release of Z-Ray for Magento, which gives unprecedented, in-context visibility for development and debugging.

Z-Ray for Magento functionalities
  • Error and warning analysis
  • Insights on blocks, events, functions, handles, observers and request properties
  • Identification of database queries issues
  • Inspection of page requests
  • Debugging of mobile app requests
  • Debugging of web services API calls
  • Insight on URL performance
Z-Ray Live! for mobile applications and APIs

To debug mobile applications,Z-Ray Live!provides information on requests sent from the native client mobile application and from API calls. Developers can also access the server side execution of app requests.

Z-Ray’s scalability

Magento developers can easily use the scalability API to create their own personalized views in Z-Ray and support any application or framework.

Production previews

The newURL Insightview identifies the slowest, worst performing or, on the contrary, the most popular URLs. A snapshot can be taken to show the current state of production.

New Zend Server 8 for enhanced performance

In addition to Z-Ray, Zend Server 8 provides a fully integrated platform for Magento applications, based on a certified PHP stack. It offers real time monitoring functionalities, improved application and server performance, a new, user-friendly interface, higher application availability, load increases and clustering.

Source: www.zend.com

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