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FR Petr Z
Rate this solution the 08/02/2016

“ Proud of working on this solution, it has an important community, and a lot of capabilities! ”

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FR Clement Frenchy
Rate this solution the 22/12/2015

“ Site de la communauté francophone: ”

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EN Franco Hernandez
Rate this solution the 26/12/2014

“ SuiteCRM has answered all of our issues we found troubling with SugarCRM, namely the quasi-open source nature of Sugar. Where we were not comfortable investing in Sugarcrm due to a number of issues with it's licensing, suiteCRM allows us to fully commit and develop knowing we have a solid future. While like others there is the attraction of saving on fees, for us, it is all about 100% ownership of our code and control of our data. Too many commercial options do not let us keep what is ours. ”

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EN Adam Palmain
Rate this solution the 03/12/2014

“ We migrated from SugarCRM Professional Edition for 30 users anad have never regretted the decision for one moment. It looks, feels and behaves almost exactly the same as Sugar Pro but we're saving around £10k per annum on licenses and support. ”

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EN Greg Robinson
Rate this solution the 03/12/2014

“ Stunning breakout from SugarCRM. Provides everything needed - workflow, reporting, mobile, portal, quotes, products. Add in a vibrant community, hosting and support options and it feels like you could be looking at the future. ”

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Rate this solution the 06/12/2013

“ SuiteCRM est issue de SUGAR CRM. La solution fournit un large périmètre fonctionnel, comparable à la version Enterprise de SUGAR CRM, et à l'ergonomie soignée. Les décideurs seront également intéressés par la gratuité du licensing et des possibilités de support professionnel : intégrateur, éditeur. Une démonstration de la solution (sans les traductions) est accessible en ligne : ”

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