Jahia: one of the “20 most promising content management solutions”

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The open source CMS is one of CIO Review’s top 20 solutions of the future. Which features in particular won the magazine over?

Jahia, and especially the latest version of its CMS, Jahia 7, has earned the buy-in of CIO Review, which entitled its article on the solution: "Jahia Solutions : Game Changers for Enterprise Application Convergence."

CIO Review included Jahia among its “20 Most Promising Content Management Solution Providers”, describing the solution as “the tool of choice for building innovative user experiences for virtually any type of web application at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions”. The magazine also explains that, while Jahia already offers all the functionalities required to meet current needs, the solution stands apart for its pursuit of maximum flexibility, with the goal of enabling clients to easily develop their own next-generation applications.

The CIO Review article placed particular emphasis on the new “digital industrialization” strategy implemented with Jahia 7, notably in the form of the new Jahia Studio and Private App Stores.

As a reminder, in addition to Jahia Digital Factory (formerly Jahia xCM) and Jahia Workspace Factory (formerly Jahia Wise), two new Jahia solutions are expected to be released in the weeks to come: Jahia Portal Factory, designed for use by functional teams, aggregating functional applications and content, and Jahia eCommerce Factory, which will combine content management and portal functionalities, stemming respectively from Digital Factory and from Portal Factory and Mogobiz, the open source e-commerce framework from eBizNext, a Jahia partner.


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