Double recognition for Hippo CMS

Hippo CMS logo

The content management system was awarded the title of "best open source CMS" by the CMS Critic judges, while the editor has been ranked as one of 100 companies in the digital content industry by EContent.

CMS Critic website, which aims to guide readers in their choice of CMS, justifies their choice of Hippo CMS as "best open source CMS" by the importance of their contributions to the open source community. The editor, OneHippo, notably contributes to Apache Software Foundation’s projects: Hippo CMS is based on JackRabbit (an open source content repository for Java Technology), the Hippo community includes approximately 10 "committers" (developers writing code) for JackRabbit and other Apache projects.

OneHippo is a member of OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), a global consortium working to standardise formats including open files based on XML and the Java Community Process (JCP), the organisation coordinating the development of Java and related technologies. The editor is also a strong supporter of the open source methodology.

OneHippo does not stop there in terms of recent achievements: Hippo BV Nederland appears in the top 100 digital content companies for 2013-2014, a list produced by, an online magazine dedicated to industry decision-makers from the online publishing, media and marketing.


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