Jedox 5.1: the latest developments

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The BI suite has been released in version 5.1. Take a moment to explore the multiple enhancements to this new version.

Data-driven modelling is a functionality of Self-Service BI. It is used to convert Excel spreadsheets into multi-dimensional OLAP data cubes. This then enables the generation of sophisticated load scripts to read data from Excel and use them in Jedox, particularly in order to generate BI and PM reports.

Extended planning combines forecasting and project functionalities with the systematic analysis of historical data (new data validation lists, a splashing wizard for faster planning by new Jedox users, a functionality that simplifies cell-locking, and more). Additionally, a new functionality allows users to commit their changes to the server with a single click.

There are also new developments in predictive analytics: Jedox 5.1 enables the creation of reliable data-driven forecasts at the service of agile business decisions. The completely overhauled ETL Manager also aims to simplify predictive analytics.

Another key addition is the integration of the R statistic engine, which provides statistical test methods, time-series and cluster analyses, text mining and more for all data types, from client classification to risk profiling.

Many other new features (more than 50 enhancements and optimisations) are waiting to be explored in Jedox 5.1.

Learn more and download Jedox 5.1.


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