Jaspersoft 5.5 : what's new?

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The 5.5 version of the BI suite, released at the end of October, offers new features to users, particularly in terms of analysis, planning and the handling of the tool.

There is a particular focus on the analysis aspects of the tool; data viewing and speed have been improved.

The smooth management of reports is strengthened by the creation of a dedicated tool, which enables data to be transferred and then stored on a local directory or a remote server via FTP. Failure notifications are also included in this transfer process.

The handling and navigation of the tool is now more accessible for non-expert users, thanks to the home page of the server that directly displays the content, tutorials and various different features (data sources, sectors, Ad Hoc reports, reports, etc.).

Jaspersoft has also expanded its reporting templates and created new types of graphics for Ad Hoc reporting.

Other changes are apparent, such as the server architecture, which has been optimised by taking into account network loads (clusters) and improved filtering tools allow large volumes of data to be more easily handled.

Finally, the iReport tool, which is the design tool for reports, has been renewed and is now based on the Eclipse environment: Jaspersoft Studio.


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