CERN expands its cloud with OpenStack 13/02/2017

logo CERN

The European centre for particle physics research continues to strengthen its calculation infrastructure on OpenStack, preparing to add some 100,000 calculation cores along with bare metal services. Read more

Docker raises $95M for its containers 15/04/2015

logo Docker

Docker, the open source start-up specializing in container technologies has announced a new funding round to the tune of $95 million. This latest operation supplements the $49 million in funds initially raised in September last and is earmarked to build its commercial and container platform development capacities. Read more

India: Open source now compulsory in government administrations 31/03/2015

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Yesterday, the Indian government released a circular letter announcing the obligation to use open source software when building applications and services, in an effort to “ensure efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs”. Read more

An open source solution for government archives 24/03/2015

logo République Française

The French Government is launching work on its VITAM project today, named after the interministerial platform designed to archive the Administration’s electronic documents. Developed in open source, the programme will first concern three ministries for whom archiving issues are of particular importance: Defence, Foreign Affairs and Culture. Read more

Release of Xen Orchestra 3.7 09/03/2015

logo Xen Project

Xen Orchestra is a web interface for Xen’s paravirtualization solution, an open source hypervisor. Orchestra can manage servers running XenServer, a distribution based on CentOS, using XAPI. After several months of development work, Orchestra has added an administration tool to its classic functionalities, opening up new options like resource delegation. Read more

BeezNest announces Chamilo LMS v1.9.10 26/02/2015

logo chamilo

BeezNest, the primary vendor for the open source learning management system Chamilo LMS, recently announced the release of version 1.9.10 of the software, the product of six months of active development of improvements on top of previous versions. Read more

Zend Announces Z-Ray for Magento 09/02/2015

logo Zend

Zend announces the porting of its PHP development solution integrated with Magento’s e-commerce platform. Read more

University of Paris 8 replaces Photoshop with Krita 20/01/2015

logo krita

After a participatory round of financing that raised more than €20,000 in funds, Krita, an open source graphics solution that provides an alternative to proprietary software, has been adopted by the University of Paris 8. Read more

2015 diary: two European events on virtualization 06/01/2015

logo cloud expo

2015 will be another great year for the fields of virtualization and cloud computing. Many projects and actors will be rubbing shoulders at conferences this year. The largest events of the year include Cloud Expo Europe on 11 and 12 March next in London and VMworld 2015 from 12 to 15 October in Barcelona. Read more

EU invests €1 million in an open source security audit 29/12/2014

EU invests €1 million in an open source security audit

On 20 December last, the European Parliament announced its investment of €1 million in an audit of the free and open source solutions used by the Parliament and the Commission. This audit will be accompanied by a policy of applying best software practices and by the development of an AT4AM solution for creating amendments, to the tune of €500,000. Read more

Interview: Novius OS Elche: Putting page layout in the hands of functional teams 18/06/2014

Anthony Bleton-Martin Novius OS

The 5th major version of the Novius OS CMS, dubbed Elche after a city in Spain, is scheduled for release by mid-July. Join us in exploring the latest features with Anthony Bleton-Martin, Novius Founder and CEO of Novius, in an interview given for CMSday 2014. Read more