CERN expands its cloud with OpenStack 13/02/2017

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The European centre for particle physics research continues to strengthen its calculation infrastructure on OpenStack, preparing to add some 100,000 calculation cores along with bare metal services. Read more

French Senate decides not to prioritize open source software (either) 29/04/2016

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This past Wednesday, the examination of the “Bill for a Digital Republic” resumed. Despite speeches by a handful of Senators who wanted to renew the discussion of prioritizing free and open source software and formats in public administrations, in the end the bill would limit itself to encouragements. Read more

ODF format recommended by DINSIC for public administrations 26/04/2016

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The new version of the general interoperability reference guide promotes the Open Document Format (ODF) for public administrations, listing along the way the various defects of Microsoft’s OOXML.
Read more

Save the date: Open Source Innovation Spring 2016 19/04/2016

logo Open Source Innovation Spring

From late April to June 2016, the Open Source Innovation Spring will be taking place in Paris, Villetaneuse and Neuilly. Read more

Google considering adopting Swift for Android 13/04/2016

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Google may be planning to make the programming language Swift a “first class” language for the Android operating system. Read more

Firefox OS: Mozilla announces version 2.5 20/07/2015

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Mozilla announces a new phase for its open source mobile operating system, Firefox OS. Version 2.5 of the system will be released in November, with major updates released on a semi-annual basis. Read more

French State injects close to €11 million in the OpenPaas project 16/07/2015

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With Investissements d’Avenir (“Investments for the Future”), the State plans to support the development of alternatives to productivity solutions from Google and Microsoft. Read more

DISIC encourages contributions to open source software, proprietary vendors are up in arms 01/06/2015

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DISIC, the French State’s Interministerial Directorate for Information and Communications Systems, has been bravely supporting the transition to open source over the past two years and now plans to allow its civil servants to contribute to open source solutions during their work hours. The reaction of proprietary software vendors was prompt. Read more

WordPress acquires WooCommerce 28/05/2015

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The WordPress content manager Automattic, accounting for nearly one fourth of the CMS market, announces the acquisition of WooCommerce, a software solution with more than 600,000 paying users. WooCommerce is already present on close to a million sites driven by the WordPress platform, in the form of a plug-in. Read more

Maarch Courrier 1.5 19/05/2015

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Maarch, a publisher of free and open source management and archiving solutions for document and electronic correspondence management, announces a major step forward in its email software: Maarch Courrier. Read more

Open source software: adoption is growing, but... 27/04/2015

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A new survey conducted by Black Duck shows a clear increase in the adoption of open source solutions at companies. However, it also revealed a lack of risk management and maintenance. Read more