About Smile

For over 10 years now, Smile has been at the forefront of free and open source software in France. As the first open source integrator, we posess a unique vantage point on the use of open source, its penetration in business, the professions and the economic models that make it such a dynamic ecosystem.

However, beyond its business, Smile was also a major contributer in the creation of this ecosystem, in the promotion of free and open source software and in the defense of the fundamental values ​​of open source.

Smile is a member of APRIL, the association for the promotion and defence of free software. Smile is also a member of numerous free software business clusters in France. In 2010, these clusters and business associations came together to form the CNLL, National Council of Free Software. The presidents of the associations, which form the CNLL office, elected me as the CNLL spokesperson, and continue to put their confidence in me to this day. It is an honour and a responsibility, to represent the voice of businesses in this sector.

As an advocate of free and open source software , as an observer of the industry and as the leader of Smile, I have endeavored to describe and analyse all aspects of the open source movement and ecosystem: technological, economic, societal, humanistic, and even marketing. These are the articles and forums, published over the last three years, which are gathered here to present the overall vision of Smile, a commited player in open source.

I hope you find the read rewarding.

Patrice Bertrand, Founder and CEO of Smile