Alfresco Workdesk : a new case management solution

Alfresco Case Management

The company Alfresco launches a new business solution. The interface and the features offered are focused on users, depending on their role and their job, thus providing the right information to the right person at the right time.

This solution is particularly suitable for document and e-mail management related to business processes such as purchasing, sales, loans, litigation, claims, insurance, human resources, etc.

You have a complete view of the life cycle of a case or folder, while providing contextualized content to users based on their roles in the company.

Alfresco Workdesk allows you to:

  • Create content, for example by insering metadata in an office document
  • Manage processes, by assigning tasks to individuals or groups
  • Monitor progress and deadlines
  • Have reports
  • Archive closed files


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