SpagoBI 4.1 : Self-service BI, décisionnel cartographique...

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The business intelligence suite releases version 4.1. The new version includes several improvements and new features, especially related to the Self-service BI and Location Intelligence.

Among the new features of this new version, reported on SpagoWorld, the  SpagoBI Competency Center site, we note the improved management and visualisation of datasets. These datasets can be categorised using different criteria (user, technical, enterprise).

Note also, the ability to implement a tailored analysis on one’s own datasets thanks to the Query-by-Example engine. There is also the development of the multi-tab analytical documents through the Worksheet engine.

SpagoBI 4.1 also enables the creation and management of communities through which users can share their analytical documents. Also relating to the access policy, SpagoBI now allows public users to access official public statistical documents.
This version also introduces a new user interface for the GeoReport engine, allowing the aggregation and interactive navigation of one’s own business data and geographic data on thematic maps

The document browser interface has also been improved.

"With this 4.1 version, SpagoBI improves its web interface and enriches its BI capabilities while remaining the only 100% open source BI Suite", stated Alexis Trinquet, BI system architect/consultant at Smile.

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