Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 stable

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Version 7 of the Linux system is now stable. Here is an overview of the key changes.

A stable version of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 open source operating system has now been released.

Among the more notable changes is that the system no longer supports the Intel 32 bit (i386) architecture.

In addition, Pacemaker has replaced the old cluster system (rgmanager/cman).

Also of note, the Apache web server branch 2.2 has been replaced by branch 2.4. This has led to numerous performance improvements and new features. However, mod_perl is no longer supported.

Furthermore, in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, MariaDB replaces MySQL.

We can also report that the Sendmail email server has disappeared from the system, to be replaced by Postfix.

Also, XFS has become the default file system.

Lastly, Systemd has replaced the old start-up and service management system. "Despite the numerous debates, this tool has now confirmed its place in the Linux world," says Maxime Besson, infrastructure expert at Smile. "Administrators not familiar with this system need to take the time to learn it as it is quite different from the old one."

Find out more on the Red Hat website.

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