OpenNebula 4.6: users asked to contribute ideas

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The publisher of the cloud computing solution invites its users to propose features for the next major version, version 4.6.

C12G Labs, founded in 2010 to manage and support the project and make it more responsive to the needs of enterprises, has asked its mailing list subscribers (it is possible to subscribe for the occasion) to comment, via email, on the roadmap planned for 4.6 version. C12G Labs will use the feedback to define the features to be included in the short-term roadmap.

The editor invites users wishing to submit a feature request to see if it is already listed on the OpenNebula development portal.

C12G Labs state that the features raising the most interest will have priority over others in defining the short-term roadmap.
The deadline for submission is the 16th January.

Click here for more details on the process for contributing to the OpenNebula 4.6 roadmap .


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