CMS Made Simple 2.0: the new features of the beta version

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The beta version of the open source CMS is expected to be released during February 2014. Here is a review of some of the upcoming features.

The blog CMS Made Simple reveals the new features that will be present in the beta version of the solution, due out this month.

Module Manager

The Module Manager will be completely revised. The new version will intergrate the existing module manager and the "Extensions-> Modules" page. When the user looks at the modules, they can view the release date (and download whichever one they want) as well as the download counts. In addition, the Module Manager performance will be improved through caching.


The editor MicroTiny has also been overhauled. Through using TinyMCE 4.0 it is now able to provide more features. We note, among others, two new plugins: firstly, a new linker plugin that uses Ajax and auto-complete in order to better handle larger sites, secondly, a new file picker plugin that has multiple display modes

Internal Modules

Improvements are also planned relating to the system, particularly regarding internal module management and module loading. The "Search"  and "News" modules have also been optimised. Also we note the addition of features for the "content" tag plug-in.

Furthermore, note that the new installer/upgrader has been postponed for future versions.


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