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On this page, learn more about the top rated open source solutions in the Open Source Guide repository. The solutions are classed in relation to their global grade (Smile and visitors).

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Qemu 5 Qemu 2 Moodle 5 Moodle 1 Neo4j 5 Neo4j 3
1 Moodle Created in 2002 by Australian Martin Dougiamas (who had previously worked on the proprietary solu...
2 Qemu
3 Neo4j
4 Zenoss
5 MySQL MySQL is a fast, robust RDBMS, deployed especially in Internet environments. MySQL was created by...
6 Symfony Symfony is an MVC framework written in PHP. It is supported by SensioLabs and distributed under t...
7 OpenSSH OpenSSH is a software suite used for remote server administration.
8 Eclipse Eclipse is a scalable, multi-functional development environment, initiated by IBM in 2001.