Zend launches Apigility, an API builder

Apigility logo

Zend, the editor of the PHP framework, launches "API builder" to help create and maintain the application programming interfaces (APIs) which are “useful simple to use and well structured ", even for users without experience.

Apigility provides a user interface for building API in a simple, standardised way, based both on industry standards and best practices. Apigility optimises error handling, data validation from consumer programs, filtering, content negotiation and versioning.

Zend Technologies stresses the importance of creating applications with an architecture focused on API.

Separating presentation logic from data makes it possible for applications based on API to call on many other programs and undergo changes without the user interface being altered.

An architecture based on the API is particularly useful for creating mobile applications with an agile method. As Apigility works with a Zend Framework, it can include the creation of APIs using REST or RPC services without knowing the functioning of them.


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