The end of Windows XP support: Munich is invited to use Ubuntu

Ubuntu logo

The German city has made its choice to replace Windows XP, whose support will end in April 2014, and encourage its inhabitants to move to the free operating system Ubuntu, announced The Register.

To facilitate this migration, the municipality has provided 2000 Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support (LTS) installation CDs in libraries to help the non specialists to migrate. Others are invited to download the open source operating system. The municipality says it will not provide the support services.

Munich’s preference for open source at the expense of Microsoft is not a recent development, as the city chose to break away from the Redmond company in 2003 with the expansion of the open document format for office applications (ODF ). In addition, this year Munich will complete the migration of its 15,000 Windows PC to LiMux, its own Linux distribution, originally based on Debian and then Ubuntu.


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