Symfony editor, SensioLabs, earns 5 million euros in fundraising

Symfony logo

The PHP Symfony creator has just gained 5 million euros in fundraising.

These funds were raised with CM-CIC private. They will be used by SensioLabs to accelerate its international growth and continue its PHP language tool development, stated the editor in a press release.  

The development framework Symfony has been adopted by a community of over 100 000 developers, precises SensioLabs. Furthermore, its components are downloaded more than a million times every month. It is used by numerous websites, for example Dailymotion and Yahoo! and large scale open source projects, such as Drupal, phpBB and eZ Publish. According to SensioLabs, PHP is used by 75% of sites and is the most commonly used programming language on the web, used by web leaders such as Facebook, Yahoo! and WordPress.


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