PrestaShop 1.6: focus on the new front-office

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The editor has detailed on their blog the new front office features for the future release of version 1.6.

Regarding the back-office side, PrestaShop 1.6 will have a revised graphic and a fully responsive design, enabling optimised mobile and tablet displays thanks to the Bootstrap 3 technology.

Concerning the functional side, the back-office of PrestaShop 1.6 will include a "dashboard" that allows e-merchants to follow in real time the best-selling products, most visited products, and most searched for products ... A barometer which monitors activity will allow them to access a lot of information (average basket, conversion rates, net margin ...) on the same graph. In addition, e-sellers will receive notifications of product movements (orders, returns, stockouts ...).

Front-office side, PrestaShop 1.6 is the subject of a "complete makeover." Just like the design of the back office, the default theme of the front office will be responsive. In addition, it will be possible to customise the graphic interface of your website without specific knowledge.

In addition, many options will be available in version 1.6 to improve highlighting products on the home page:

• A slider and "more attractive" promotional banners,

• A new default template incorporating practical and reassuring information in the footer such as "free shipping", contact number, gift cards...,

• Possibility to expand the menu by adding categories and visuals,

• Presentation of the basket including images of products and other key elements (price, quantity, attributes...),

• Suggestions for similar products purchased by other users (cross-selling) via a pop-up when adding a product to the cart,

• Quick overview of an item without the user having to leave the page they are on,

• Customer can decide if they wish for products to be displayed in a grid or list form,

• Possibility to add more information from the product category page,

• Product page layout has been designed to increase conversion rate,

• Possibility to integrate customer comments in rich text on product pages, which optimises product presence on Google.

Find out more about PrestaShop 1.6 on the editor's blog


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