OpenCms 9: new technical and functional features

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Version 9 of OpenCms brings improvements in content integration, better support for multi-channel devices (smartphone, tablet), as well as technical developments, particularly regarding the configuration.

The OpenCms website has announced the release of the 9th edition.

On a functional side, this new version greatly simplifies editing pages and content. It is now possible to integrate content on a page by dragging and dropping it or editing it directly via the front office.

This new version is multi-channel, including tablet and smartphone devices:

  • The theme provided by default with this new version is responsive (OpenCms is now based on Bootstrap 3)
  • It is possible to preview your different content / pages on templates adapted to the device used.

On the technical side of things OpenCms, version 9 has a lot of changes.

Note firstly that it enables the creation and management of multiple websites within a single installation.

Furthermore, it is possible to access and manage content on a shared network drive.

OpenCms 9 also addresses issues relating to continuous integration via the implementation of installation scripts that can be automated.

Finally, OpenCms is based on Gradle, a production engine, which is currently very popular and recommended by Google as part of Android development. Gradle facilitates managing all phases of a construction project.

Version 9 is fully compatible with the 8.x branch of OpenCms.

Download OpenCms, version 9 or update your version.


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