Nuxeo 5.9.1 : Mule ESB Connector and an iOS SDK

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The new Fast Track version (Short Term Support), from the content management platform for business applications, integrates significant new features, bug corrections and several improvements in relation to the 5.8 version.

Shortly after the November release of Nuxeo 5.8, the editor releases the new Fast Track version.

On the user side, Nuxeo 5.9.1 includes a Mule ESB Connector (a platform to facilitate exchanges between different applications using different communication protocols). This connector between the Nuxeo Platform and Mule ESB enables the building of Mule Flows that use services exposed by Nuxeo Platform, explains the editor on their site.

Another new feature for users: the improvement of SafeEdit, activated not only in the "Edit" tab but also for editing digital resources within the Digital Asset Management module (DAM).

Note also the complete compatibility of the Nuxeo JSF interface with Internet Explorer 11.

On the developer side, the software development kit enables iOS mobile applications to connect to the Nuxeo Platform through the REST API.

Also note, for developers, the constant improvement of the Select2 widgets.

Download Nuxeo 5.9.1 and release notes.


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