Nginx is now the number two webserver, ahead of Microsoft-IIS

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The Russian webserver has become more used than that of Microsoft-IIS, according to a ranking by W3Techs.

Nginx is currently the second most used webserver, behind Apache, among the 10 million sites covered in the W3Techs survey.

Out of the 10 million sites, 14.8% use Nginx (one site out of seven) and 14.7% use Microsoft-IIS. Although Apache stays ahead with 65.4% of user sites, Nginx is experiencing the largest growth in their segment and gains 685 additional sites daily.

Although the popularity of the tool is rising everywhere, when analysing the usage of Nginx in different regions of the world, we see that it varies a lot: Nginx is used by 66.2% of Russian sites, 11.8% of English sites and by 2.8% of Japanese sites.

Note that the popularity of Nginx is even greater when looking at the most heavily trafficked sites: among those who are part of the top 1000, the rate of use of Nginx is 37.2%. Recall that earlier this year; the web server had already passed Microsoft-IIS on the perimeter of the 1000 most visited sites.

While Apache is still the undisputed leading webserver, according to W3Techs, Nginx growth is unlikely to stop here.


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