Netherlands financing contributions to Apache CXF

Apache CXF logo

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior subsidized one of the major contributors to Apache CXF, an open source Java framework that facilitates the development of web services. Why?

It was Logius, an entity whose mission is to help the government set up its online administrative services, that financed the New Zealand IT company, Sosnoski Software Associates, to make a specific contribution to the Apache CXF software. What was the goal? To improve support for reliable messages by developing the WS-Reliable Messaging (WSRM) 1.2 extension, explains Joinup.

The WSRM 1.2 extension will be used in a wide variety of government projects based on Apache CXF.

It will also be published under the Apache license and integrated with Apache CXF. Logius hopes that other public administrations, as well as private companies, will use it going forward.


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