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Maarch, a publisher of free and open source management and archiving solutions for document and electronic correspondence management, announces a major step forward in its email software: Maarch Courrier.

A publisher of open source company content management solutions, Maarch is pleased to announce the release of Maarch Courrier version 1.5. From reception to circulation and collaborative response signatures, Maarch Courrier manages the entire correspondence workflow and optimises turnaround times. This solution is designed for the civil service and the new versionoffers improved design and user friendliness, making Maarch Courrier quicker and more intuitive to learn.

The key features of Maarch Courrier include:

  • Multi-department collaborative response projects
  • Multi-level contact management (e.g. ministry, department, department staff, etc.)
  • Signature book with e-visa circuit
  • Inclusion of the signatory's initials (non-probative signature)
  • Management of the e-signature with RGC personal certificate (probative value signature)



Maarch Courrier is a vertical correspondence management solution. It sits above the Maarch document management (GED) and electronic archiving (SAE) framework. Able to be configured and adapted to all organisation types, this software handles the challenge of managing multi-channel correspondence while ensuring compliance with the organisation's rules (document type, rights management, response models, workflow, etc.).

Improved dialogue with the civil service

As part of the drive to modernise the civil services, two avenues of improvement have been identified to achieve higher quality customer service and faster response times for citizens: the Marianne Charter and the Choc de Simplification initiative. As the absence of a response from the civil service after a set timeframe automatically equates to acceptance for a number of procedures, Maarch Courrier offers a range of tools designed for the obligations and commitments of this administrative modernisation approach.

With Maarch Courrier, you can automate:

  • Turnaround times by type of correspondence
  • Distribution of correspondence to recipients with an easily configured distribution workflow
  • Response processes by suggesting a selection of templates according to the type of correspondence and recipient which open directly in a suitable word processing environment (Word or LibreOffice). Once finalised, the correspondence is automatically reincorporated in Maarch Courrier.


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